Welcome to your neighborhood intranet!

While the “Internet” connects you to the external world, the “intranet” is internal like like a block club – a way for you and your neighbors to communicate. It is only accessible to other households on your Equitable Internet Initiative (EII) network, and it will be here for you even when there is no external Internet connection.

Please note that these applications, and the content you may add to them, is public to everyone who has EII internet access in your neighborhood.


coronavirus resources icon

COVID-19 Resources

A collection of resources for the community to help us through the Coronavirus pandemic.

digital safety icon- large hands holding a group of people

Digital Safety

A collection of zines and other documents discussing community safety in the digital space.


forum icon


Use our forum to post permanent updates, questions, and more.

text chat icon

Text chat

Use [chat app] to chat real-time with neighbors who are currently online. Chat sessions are not stored for later viewing.

voice chat icon

Voice Chat

Use mumble to voice chat real-time with neighbors who are currently online. Microphone is required.


notepad icon

Collaborative Notes

Use Etherpad to take ongoing collaborative notes.

filesharing cloud icon

File Sharing

Use Droppy to share files (PDFs, images, etc.) with the neighborhood.